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Week 11: Email Marketing

EMAIL MARKETING    Email marketing is a great way to get the word out about what is going on in your business or what is coming up. I think if I were to do email marketing, keeping customers up on these things is exactly what I would do.
We sometimes do community events that are open to the public and email marketing would be fantastic for letting others know where they can come out and find us. Another great use of email marketing would be to send out discounts and promotions. We always have a deal around the holidays to get a discount on December Holiday photo booth packages. Sending out an email would help us to spread the word and possible get more people interested.
In the past we have always used social media to spread the word but you never know if people will see your posts. Maybe they didn't log on that day or maybe you posted in the morning and by the time they log on your post is pushed so far down on their feed that they don't even see it. Using email is a way to e…

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