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Week 17 - Wrapping it Up

WEEK 17 - Wrapping it Up

     Social media for business has been a wonderful class for me and the growth of my business. It has tough me some new things while reassuring me of things that I was already doing.

     Moving forward I have a better understanding of the overall impact of social media on consumers and how it helps grow a business, sometimes even overnight. It takes time and dedication as most things do and the pay off can be greater than we could have ever seen in traditional advertising for business. It is a fast pace world and we have to be able to connect with people in the most effective ways. Social media is at the top of this list. I will continue to use social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and hope to grow our audience to connect with even more people.

     Since taking Social Media for Business I have spent more time posting and updating our followers week after week. I have even gone as far as using social media as an incentive for getting customers ph…

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